Team rosters must be entered before you can enter a meet. Make sure you send your entry to the meet director.





2021 / 2022 Cross Country


Bus Parking Fee at Sunken Meadow State Park. All New York State Parks will be charging buses a parking fee of $35.00 if purchased in advance or $75.00 day of meet.

Invitational Procedures:

Make sure you enter your athletes on-line.  You will need a password that I’ll send you within 24 hours. Once I have your roster they will be assign a competitor number. Athletes do not have to be declared (Varsity/JV)

All runners must compete with a 3 x 5 index card with their competitor number and two safety pins.

College runners will be using Bibs/chips

Make sure you send your paper entry to the meet director.  The meet director will inform me who is in the meet.  Do not rely on your school to send it out.

All entries will be posted on Thursday two days prior to the meet.

See you at the Meadow,

Tony Toro